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Privacy Policy

B&B Johannes-Hoeve is committed to protecting your privacy. We believe it is important that you have confidence in how we handle your personal data. We would like to clarify this to you.


Privacy declaration


We have laid down the way in which we handle your personal data in a privacy statement. Here you can read what kind of data we process from you, how we handle it and what you can expect from us. Of course we adhere to the applicable laws and regulations and strict security requirements.


Secure site


The site you are currently visiting and using is of course also secured. We collect and analyze the data about your visit to this website in order to improve the site and adapt it to your usage needs. This data is collected using cookies. We do not collect any personal data for this. If you object to the use of these cookies, you can disable 'accept cookies' in your own browser.


Questions or remarks?


Would you like to know more about your rights or how we handle your privacy? Or do you have other questions about your privacy? Please contact us by e-mail, contact form or telephone. You can of course also send it by post. The address is B&B Johannes-Hoeve, Napoleonsbaan Noord 8, 5991NV Baarlo. We ensure that your question reaches the right person.

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